How do I add more velocity?

Andi posted Dec 2 '16, 03:01:

I wanted to use the full 16 layer salamander grand piano, how do I edit the definition to do this?

Nate posted Feb 5 '19, 04:36:

I'm trying to work on this to no success.

Austio posted Mar 23, 19:20:

Any progress on this? 3 years between posts doesn't seem hopeful, but doesn't hurt to ask!

HansEhv posted Mar 24, 23:11:

I have nothing to add to the docs. No progress needed as it works. By the way, other samplerbox versions are using a %velocity=accurate parameter giving a much better approach to velocity. Then you might still use the velocity levels, but just for the sound=nature=timbre of the instrument, resulting in less required velocity layers for high quality.

Colin posted Mar 31, 21:39:

Where do we get this version which allows "%%velmode=Accurate"?
I saw this in the docs, and tried it, but there is no difference after making the change. Also checked out the python script, and saw nothing in the function which reads the definition files which would provide such a functionality.

I also am reading things about multiple voices in the "", and I can't seem to get that to work. I believe I have the most recent version published on Is there a github fork I am missing?


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