Disable automatic transposing?

Mark posted Dec 18 '16, 21:56:

Hello I have 6 one shot samples and would like to trigger them exactly as they are but can't seem to create a samplerbox program without all samples automatically transposing across the entire keyboard. I can't find anything pertaining to this anywhere in the faq or forums. Is it possible to disable this feature?

HansEhv posted Dec 18 '16, 22:25:

There is no config option to achieve this.
So if you want to avoid programming:
Create a small "silence wav", duplicate and assign (rename) them to the note above.
This works for the original samplerbox, for other/future versions you made need to replicate that to the note below.

HansEhv posted Jan 6 '17, 23:35:

I've included this as an option in http://samplerbox.org/forum/241
Maybe this works for you.


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