Nextion HMI interface - Anybody try one of these for an interface, sample increment etc...

Sparky Lectric posted Dec 20 '16, 22:11:

Just ordered one of these to fiddle with, its a serial lcd with a built in cpu and sim card slot with gpio and real time clock (RTC) - that interface to the PI and lets you execute code on the PI based on your actions (pressing the screen )on the Nextion LCD.

ITs not a Raspberry PI display monitor, - you won't see whats going on in the PI from this, but it doesn't use the HDMI port, or the built in monitor port/slot on the PI, those are still available if you want a PI monitor. Its strictly an intelligent serial interface with 2 way communication and a customizable GUI interface.

cheaper from ebay/china but I was impatient and wanted to fiddle with it this weekend.You build a graphical interface in the development software on a pc, compile it and download the compiled GUI to a sim card, then you load this into memory on the Nextion. After a reboot it will display your code and Bob's your uncle. On the latest version, the Nextion Extended, there is a GPIO board you can plug in that has push buttons and an led and a buzzer.

The Nextion (and Nextion extended) are touchscreens, but with the addon board, you can use the buttons to manipulate the Raspberry pi via serial, so you could use them to select samples, increment samples in a group, change octaves etc.

Looks like it might be a handy interface for the Samplerbox for about 20/30$ with the add on board (add on board is about 4$ with shipping from China)

If understand it correctly (big if I know) I think I can use this in place of the LED to display sample numbers and other info(sample name fer instance) and also use it to select samples and perform other basic functions useful on a musical instrument.

here's the add on board.

Has anybody tried this with Samplerbox yet? The screen comes in various sizes from 2.4 inch to 7 inch, with resolution increasing with screen size. Thought the 2.4 inch might be perfect for my CigarBox build of the SamplerBox, so thats what I'm supposed to have in my clutches tomorrow.

there are some coding examples on youtube, but so far about the most sophisticated code version is a weather station, where you put in your city/state and it gives you the current conditions and forecast. (via a pi or arduino - connected to the internet) most of the other examples are lighting up leds or making the buzzer buzz.

Sparky Lectric posted Dec 20 '16, 22:15:

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