Program boots fine, but no sound

Mason posted Jun 30 '15, 23:53:

I have successfully installed SamplerBox on my Raspberry Pi. It boots successfully, then the command line says: root@samplerbox:~#
I get no sounds from my MIDI Keyboard. I am using the stock samples from this website for the LatelyBass instrument. I am using the built in headphone jack on the Raspberry Pi while I wait for the DAC to arrive.

Any idea what might be happening?


Ewan posted Jul 1 '15, 20:33:

Hey, I'm working with Mason on the project. When we type in 'systemctl status samplerbox' this shows up: And as far as I know we have a USB filled with samples in the way described.

Any help?

joseph posted Jul 1 '15, 20:55:

Hi @Ewan and @Mason,

This image tells everything is running correctly, this is a good step done :)

Now we need to find why you have no sound.

  • first, what do you have when doing ls /media ? (this will make sure the USB stick is mounted properly, and that it contains the folder with WAV files)

  • ohhh maybe I know: have you tried to change the current preset? LatelyBass is preset #3, whereas by default, SamplerBox loads preset #0. Do you have PROGRAM + / PROGRAM - buttons on your MIDI keyboard? Can you try to go to preset #3 or #4? If you don't have these buttons on your MIDI keyboard, you can add buttons as described here. Or if you don't want to add buttons, you can edit /root/SamplerBox/ line 472 (see here) and change it to preset = 3

  • i have some other ideas, but let's first try these first things!

See you

Ewan posted Jul 1 '15, 21:16:

Hi Joseph,
When I type in ls /media the display says "?0 Bass? PIONEER RECYCLER"

I thought the preset might default to 0, so I renamed the folder to /0 Bass/ already. It is the only folder on my USB stick. My MIDI keyboard doesn't have the ability to change presets as far as I know but I'm checking the manual now.

Ewan posted Jul 1 '15, 21:44:

Hi Joseph, Iv've gotten it working, I renamed the file without the / and now it is working great. Thanks for your help! We'll put some videos up once its all up and running :)

joseph posted Jul 1 '15, 22:15:

Great @Ewan!

The problem you had made me think we should have a more "verbose" version of samplerbox (i.e. more things should be displayed when a screen is connected!)

Oh yes please, videos :)

Marcelo posted Jul 12 '15, 00:04:

Hello !!

I'm Marcelo from Argentina. First of all I want to congratulate those who are developing this project. It is something I have been looking for a while and it really works very well.
I'm testing the module with a CASIO CDP100 88 keys digital piano, Salamander piano samples, USB-MIDI interface and external USB sound card.

The module works very well, but I found some problems:

  • not work the first 12 keys (A0 - G0 #)
  • Pressing A1 key, plays A0. it seems that the samples were shifted one octave up
  • Pressing keys slowly, sound should be low, but it sounds too high. it seems that velocity does not work properly when played slowly.

How could be solved these problems?
Thank you very much.


MikePDX posted Jul 13 '15, 03:27:

I was in this "no sound" boat until I got lucky. It turns out my SamplerBox is silent until I do a program change on the keyboard.

My keyboard is an M-Audio Keystation 49e, which doesn't have dedicated program change buttons. I had to figure out what "advanced function" to do to get my keyboard to issue program change. Once I did that my SamplerBox came to life.

Verbose mode on the display would be a great help. I determined SamplerBox was running, but had no way to tell if it was the program or my keyboard or my sound device (Griffin iMic) or my samples flash drive that was not responding.

Having said that, SamplerBox is brilliant!! Thanks very much Joseph!

Arturo posted Sep 7 '15, 03:49:

Hello MikePDX could you tell me how did you get the m audio advanced function button to work?


goda posted Sep 27 '15, 23:11:

Just unplug your HDMI cable

Lars posted Aug 28 '17, 13:56:

Yes MikePDX. I would like to know how you got the Maudio advanced function buttons to work aswell :)

davis posted Jul 7 '19, 18:06:

Press Advanced, blue led lights up.
Then find the key corresponding to PROG #, press it, then chose the number corresponding to the folder of your samples, eg 3 for "3 Mellow Flute"
Then press key corresponding to enter.
Blue led turns off indicating success.


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