M-audio keystation issue

Xyleme posted Jan 10 '17, 11:39:

I've got an old 1855 piano that I'd like to modernise using a m-audio keystation es88 which jsut fits in !

I just bought the keystation and I'm actualy testing the software to ensure everything will work great before I start customizing the old piano.

I've install tha samplerbox image provided by Joseph and I'm running 2 issues :

  • firsts octave doesn't play any sound while others are perfectely working
  • control key from the keyboard aren't functionnal... I've read here and there that It's possible to map them but I can't find any explicit tutorial on how to do it...

Thaks in advance for your help and congratulation to all developpers of this great software !

Gabi posted Feb 10 '17, 16:45:

Hi, I have a keyStation 61es
I think the firsts octave don't work if you don't have a samble with a lower frequency.
I have the same 'issue'.

About the controlKey :
By default, +/- change the octave.
You can change the action of +/- using the 'advance function' button, then a black (#) key.
I only use F# (the 1st one) to change program and C# to go back to octave change.
And program change work with Samplerbox to change samples.

Hope I answered you'r question ;)

Lorinan posted May 25 '18, 04:19:

Have you figured out a way to enable the volume slider controls?


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