I want to use SamplerBox as a jingle player

Simon posted Jan 14 '17, 19:00:


First of all, thanks for this amazing project !

I want to use it as a jingle player, which means that I would like to associate each key of my MIDI keyboard to a sound. The only thing in SamplerBox that forbids me to do this is that if I assign a sound to the far-right key of the MIDI keyboard, it will be "higher" than if I assign it to the first keys on the left.

Is there a way to edit "samplerbox.py" in a way that it would play exactly the sound assigned to the key that was pressed without making it higher or lower depending on its assigned key ? It means that if I assign the same sound to the first and the last key of the MIDI keyboard, I want to hear EXACTLY the same sound.

Thanks a lot in advance, I'd REALLY love to be able to do that !

HansEhv posted Jan 17 '17, 00:32:

Hi Simon,
If you name the samples (wav's) correctly, they will sound correctly with the associated keys (only).
Keys without a corresponding wav will have the sound generated. In original samplerbox this is starting from the first sound below the key and always active unless you disable the code (last loop in ActuallyLoad()).
So yes, you can edit samplerbox.py by commenting or removing the last for-loop in ActuallyLoad.

FYI: I have created a build where the sounds will be generated from the nearest key (which implies that also sounds below the lowest sample can be generated). In this build you can also control this generation of missing notes (= which notes can be used and if necessary, turn it off completely).
Take your pick at http://homspace.xs4all.nl/homspace/samplerbox/SBconfig.html .
There you can also find a keyboard layout with corresponding midi-notes (mind: there you see the standard midi60=C4, while original samplerbox uses C5).

Pisti posted Jan 19 '17, 22:42:

Hans, that is what I was searched! I like to build a similar unit, like Akai MPC500 sampler.
Ther are not tepered scale sounds, but in a patch are different samples with constans freq (till end or stopped,like in your options).
I was wrote your blog "Midi sampler for instruments and loops" , I think it's most part understandable for me,
but my question: your SBox 20161228.zip version works with Pi3 b and usb dac (pcm2704)? And that's the last version?
Thank You !

Pisti posted Jan 19 '17, 22:45:

I apologize for my bad english ... I was read your blog.... :D

HansEhv posted Jan 19 '17, 23:10:

Hi Pisti,
My build is just an extension to the latest one found here (which works on Pi3B). I use it on a Pi2B. It is safe to say it will work on both.
I use an "el cheapo" DAC - these usually contain pcm2704. But anyway: support of the usb devices lies within the linux distro which supports quite a lot of dac's.
N.B. The image in the zip does not contain the latest script version. So you should replace that after installation with the updated one you can find somewhat lower on the same page.


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