How do I know if its running?

Ali posted Jun 26 '15, 07:45:

I have my usb midi keyboard conected and I hear no sound

the question #17 in the FAQ says that you need to modify some files, how do i do this?

Ali posted Jun 26 '15, 07:46:

sorry for the double post.
the captcha said there was and error and i posted it again.

remi posted Jun 26 '15, 12:29:

You need to connect on your Raspberry Pi with a terminal or by plugging it on a screen.
Login / password: root / root

You can test it by going to the folder where samplerbox is installed
cd /root/SamplerBox/

I'm currently working on a configuration file so everything could be setup directly on the USB drive. When I have something functional I'll send it to joseph.

I could also add an optional parameter to make the system led (the green one) blink if the audio device ID is wrong that could help for troubleshooting.

joseph posted Jun 26 '15, 14:45:

Hi @Ali.
First of all, did you use the ready-to-use image available here or did you install it manually with the sourcecode?

What is your setup: what soundcard/DAC, what USB card reader / USB stick do you use? Is it filled with some folders like /1 Piano/, containing WAV files, etc.

Have you been able to use a monitor + keyboard, or to connect via SSH?

With these informations we'll be able to find a solution :)

PS: Question #8 and then #5 in FAQ might be helpful as well.


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