Sampler Box and TouchOSC or similar

Slippy17 posted Jan 27 '17, 19:11:

Hi Folks,
I just got this running on a Raspberry Pi B model using the disk image.
I was wondering if anyone had got SamplerBox to use OSC messages or had an OSC to Midi bridge to run in the background. I will have try this over the next couple of months (whenever I get time)but I am a newbie and the learning curve maybe too steep. I will share here if I can get it going.

AlexM posted Jan 28 '17, 07:24:

I've had some success with OSC and SamplerBox - it's definitely on my to-do list. It requires your Pi to have WiFi configured to connect to a router/hotspot. I'll share when I get it up and running - along with a plethora of other features ;)

Slippy17 posted Jan 31 '17, 22:02:

Excellent. I was thinking something like this;
It is headless too and so web config could be handy.

velolala posted Feb 1 '17, 12:41:

regarding TouchOSC...

I wrote this program, which may solve exactly your problem :)

Let me know if you need any help!

cheers and have fun!

Slippy17 posted Apr 12 '17, 05:03:

Hi Velolala,
I definitely will be trying this. Just need to get a bit of time on it.
Thanks I will let you know how it goes.


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