USB Stick with samples not working.

Pete posted Feb 1 '17, 00:27:

Hi .. I tried just copying the files from you instruments page to my USB stick. No joy. Placed all the files in to a folder named samples. That didn't work ... Sorry but I'm a beginner ... I get the first keyboard sound but cant program + to another. My stick is formatted to ext4. Any ideas ... looks a useful project ... regards Pete

Nimbo77 posted Feb 1 '17, 19:11:

Hi Pete.

Check your file. You can find it at /root/SamplerBox/

In the area marked "LOCAL CONFIG - Adapt to your setup!", find the line:

SAMPLES_DIR, and make sure it says: SAMPLES_DIR = "/media/samples"

/media is the folder where your USB stick is mounted, so /media/samples will look for a folder named "samples" on your USB stick.

Nimbo77 posted Feb 1 '17, 19:27:

Also make sure that samples for each instrument is in its own subfolder. Folders must begin with a number.


1 Piano
2 Organ
15 Synthesizer


Pete posted Feb 4 '17, 23:12:

Thanks .. I'll try it again and let you know ..


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