DAC Question / Kuman interface

Felix posted Feb 8 '17, 21:35:
sysco posted Feb 9 '17, 09:25:

Its a chinese clone of hifiberry dac +, only change its a IR remote.

Pavel posted Feb 9 '17, 10:23:

Hi Felix,

I have used same PCM5122 chip to build my PCB for Samplerbox (https://hackaday.io/project/9825-samplerbox-1) and it works great!

However other people on this forum say they are having issues with Hifiberry (using same DAC chip) - not sure what they are about, I haven't had any. However I used iqaudio driver instead (they use same DAC chip but not software compatible).

If you could afford I'd recommend to get IQAudio DAC instead, its much better designed, and I can confirm its driver works without issues.

Alternatively, would you be interested to order a specialised PCB for Samplerbox, with DAC, headphone amp, MIDI interface, display and buttons onboard instead? If we get it into production soon


Michael Kainberger posted Feb 9 '17, 12:23:

Hi Pavel!

I would be VERY interested in such a PCB.
Please answer soon to: [email protected]

Pavel posted Feb 9 '17, 13:07:

Emailed you Michael


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