SamplerBox2 Question

craig posted Feb 13 '17, 03:50:

Is SamplerBox2 the most advanced version of SamplerBox?

AlexM posted Feb 14 '17, 09:15:

I assume you're referring to Erik's SamplerBox2 (, yeah? I'd say that Hans' build over at is the best-documented and advanced version at the moment.

However, I've been working to merge features from both as well as others on the forum and my own - although I'm not quite ready to release it. If you're comfortable git cloning and having a poke around some code, try this: happy to help you if you're really keen to have a go :)

craig posted Feb 14 '17, 16:48:

Wow, your stuff looks great and you have good docs. One question: does your code assume the sample sets are on a USB flash drive that's mounted at /media ?

I think I will give this a go and see what happens. It doesn't really matter if your code is still evolving as I am still in the process of building the hardware. I really want to have a mellotron for recording and this is how I hope to achieve it.

Thanks for your response.

AlexM posted Feb 15 '17, 04:14:

Thanks! My docs are a work in progress - as is the whole development! Many improvements to be made

By default it assumes a USB flash drive, but if it cannot be found it will default to the media folder on the SD card. This will change in the future - probably moving samples and config files to its own partition to avoid card corruption

Paolo Piattica posted Feb 15 '17, 13:24:

We look forward to testing your new release


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