add samples in SD

Paolo Piattica posted Feb 21 '17, 13:41:

as I am a newbie I would like to know what I have to
1) modify the installation of Sampler to put the samples folder on SD
2) to have the possibility to add samples in this folder using Windows 7

thank you in advance

Nimbo77 posted Feb 24 '17, 22:44:

Hey Paolo.

My answer to Martin in might help you. The same steps would appply to Windows.

To change the default folder where SamplerBox looks for samples, you need to edit the file.

Find the line: SAMPLES_DIR =

For samples on a USB stick, change this line to SAMPLES_DIR = "/media/"

For samples on the SD, use SAMPLES_DIR = "/root/SamplerBox/"
You can also put them in subfolders, examples:

SAMPLES_DIR = "/root/SamplerBox/samples/"
SAMPLES_DIR = "/root/SamplerBox/presets/"
SAMPLES_DIR = "/media/MyInsaneSounds/"

And remember that Linux is case sensitive, so "Samples" is different to "samples"


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