encoder supp. + load button

Lars posted Feb 23 '17, 13:49:


I am looking for a more convenient way to select sample sets. Normally this is done via the +/- buttons. This is fine if you have a handful of sounds, but if you scroll through 20+ sounds an encoder is a much better/faster solution imho.

Someone on the forum mentioned a way of converting encoder movements with the help of a 74HC74D flip flop and connect the output to the +/- button inputs. I tried that but it didn’t work.

The much more elegant solution would be to connect the encoder directly to the GPIO pins, but I have no idea what code I have to add to support that. I read a few things but this is over my head unfortunately.

Has anyone tried this before?


Another feature suggestion: to be able to scroll through sounds (to see whats on the sd card) without loading them immediately, but having a dedicated ‚Load‘ button to load the sounds.

In a perfect world you’d have an encoder with an integrated switch, so you could browse to the next sound you want to load (while still be able to play the recent sound), and once you found what you’ve been searching for you just press down the encoder to load it.


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