Can't set up the SamplerBox

Martin posted Feb 24 '17, 16:56:

Ok, so on the SamplerBox homepage, these are the instructions for setting it up:

"Download this image and put it on a microSD card.
Boot it, connect a USB MIDI keyboard, and it will work!"

Here, I assume that you need to unzip the downloaded file and then put it on a microSD card via for example the dd command or with an application like ApplePi-Baker, not just simply move the zip file to the card (or?). Further, when performing the former option, the reported space of my microSD card becomes incredibly small, meaning I have no room left for samples (is this an issue with the filesystem not being expanded?).

So, what am I doing wrong? Wouldn't it also be a good idea to update the instructions on the home page?

Nimbo77 posted Feb 24 '17, 22:33:

Hey Martin.

Since you mention ApplePi-Baker, I guess you're on a Mac? You are correct that the .img file needs to be written onto the SD.

The reason your SD reports a reduced size is that you're only seeing the boot partition on Mac/Windows, as it is in FAT format. The root partition is in ext4 format, which you can't read on a Mac (although there should be software that allows you to read ext4 filesystems).

To get your samples on there, there are basically two options:

  1. Use some software to gain access to the ext4 root partition, and copy your samples over

  2. Put your samples on a USB stick (you can then use the command line on the Pi to copy them to the SD if you don't want to keep the USB attached).

Note that with the USB option, you might have to set the sample path correctly in to /media

May I ask whether you have the SamplerBox working with stock samples with the stock samples?


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