Load multiple sample sets,

frits posted Mar 7 '17, 18:54:

Hi all,

Is there any way of changing the preload behaviour of SB to preload all samples at startup?

Obviously I will be limited to a total of 1 gb of samples but i can live with that if i get fast changeover times from that.

Thank you all for making this great project possible!


AlexM posted Mar 8 '17, 23:01:

Hey Frits,

I've been working on a release that does this (and much more). It loads new samples when nothing is being played, otherwise the audio glitches. Keep an eye out over the next month here :)

If you're feeling brave and you're Python savvy: https://github.com/alexmacrae/SamplerBox . Someone else on the forum had a go and came across too many issues and gave up - so I've got a lot of work to do!


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