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Jordi FG posted Mar 14 '17, 16:40:

Hello people,

A part from amazing Samplerbox, I want to make my RPi3 to be a USB to MIDI standalone converter (imagine playing a Korg Volca with an AKAI LKP25 keyboard, all cheap stuff, no pc). I have found a way of doing it using "alsa" and "aconnect" commands, fixing the USB ports for each device. My situation is the following:

  • I can preconfigure a headless raspbian-jessie install and SSH login via wifi to the RPi3
  • Then I can add the alsa libraries and make the connection via "sudo aconnect XX:0 YY:0" (XX and YY are the ports for each in and out midi device). Make this bootable by editing "crontab -e"
  • THE PROBLEM: I can not get samplerbox running following the manual install instructions from the creator (

Therefore, I was thinking to make it the other way arround, as just installing the samplerbox image works fine. Can I burn the samplerbox_20161114.img and then modify it (FAT32 and ext4 partitions) to have SSH access and add the alsa features?

Maybe I Am using out-dated commands for a manual install on RPi3? Thanks for your interest :)


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