SamplerBox on Raspberry Pi model B 512Mb RAM

Richard posted Jul 12 '15, 21:53:

I just wanted to post a note to the forum to say that I have SamplerBox running on a Raspberry Pi Model B with 512Mb RAM. This is one of the older, slower models.

I'm using a USB DAC PCM2704 (Same as the one Joseph specifies in the parts list).

To test the latency I used Sonar on a Windows PC to generate MIDI Notes through an RME Digiface interface. I then sampled the audio being generated by the Pi back into Sonar.

My audio interface is running at 48KHz with a buffer size of 64 Samples.

I measured the total end-to-end latency as 2,200 samples, so (2,200 - 64)/48000 = 44.5ms

This is quite a lot worse than the 11ms Joseph is getting with the Raspberry Pi model 2, though it's good that it actually works!

Loading the GrandPiano sample set from a USB 2 memory stick takes around 20 seconds.

I built the MIDI interface on a Humble Pi v1.3 prototyping board, which fits neatly on top of the Pi. I haven't at this stage bothered with the LED Display or the buttons.




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