SamplerBox2 Install

craiglindley posted Mar 29 '17, 18:40:

I've been trying to install SamplerBox2. I started with the latest SamplerBox image: samplerbox_20161114.img. Questions:

Q1: Do I still need to copy the update files fixup.dat and startup.elf ?

Q2: I am getting an error message: No module named scipy.signal. Why ? I tried commenting out the filter stuff but that didn't fix it.

What am I doing wrong?


Nate posted Mar 29 '17, 19:04:

Check out Gabor's mod. It's what I just used to figure out my Pi 2 this morning.

craiglindley posted Mar 29 '17, 19:19:

So far I'm using an attached USB midi keyboard so I don't see how Gabor's post applies. I do want to get actual midi working since I have built the interface but that comes after I can get the base system running.

OK so I removed all of the filter code and its associated imports. I then get a lot farther in execution. I have also updated the GPIO code as mentioned in the SamplerBox2 manual and ran its install.

Things still don't work and I am getting a new error message:

NameError: global name ' fxGPIO' is not defined

Any hints

Nate posted Mar 30 '17, 22:32:

I heard that most USB keyboards work. Yours might be one of the ones that don't?

craiglindley posted Mar 31 '17, 17:05:

Nate, my problems are with SamplerBox2 even running as I am getting compile time and run time errors before I even connect up a MIDI keyboard.I am not very familiar with python so I am having a hard time figuring out what is missing. It seems the creator of Samplerbox2 runs with a definite configuration that works for him but there has been limited testing for other configurations. For example, if useButtons is false, as it is in the default configuration the problem with a missing fxGPIO symbol doesn't surface but since I want to use buttons and I set this variable to true the code won't compile.

Oh well this is a learning exercise for me so I will plod along until I can get things to work.


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