samplerbox with sooperlooper (and jackd)

stef posted Apr 7 '17, 21:24:

hi guys
any idea how to run both applications in the same time?
it seems they can not share the audio card.
they run well once at a time, but when i start the second application (no matter the order), there is an error on the audio card (Invalid audio device or The playback device "hw:0" is already in use)

AlexM posted Apr 8 '17, 07:40:

Interesting idea! My first thought would be that you'll need to get your hands dirty with the script, instructing it to load sooperlooper and use the's sounddevice instance (which is using your sound card). Unlikely to be an easy task unfortunately :(

stef posted Apr 8 '17, 08:22:

Thanks AlexM
I was more thinking about running samplerbox with jackd, and keep the 2 dedicated instances for each application (samplerbox and sl).
Sooperlooper is already compliant with jackd. And jack seems to be THE solution to share audio stream/device.
Nobody has tried this before? I would not like to reinvent the wheel ;-)

stef posted Apr 8 '17, 08:40:

there is an API to connect to the jackd server ( but i am afraid i won't be able to manage this, i don't know anything about dev ;-(

AlexM posted Apr 8 '17, 10:53:

When I get some time I'd like to look into this - cool way to extend SamplerBox! I'll put it on my todo list. Unfortunately probably won't be able to get to it for a while though sorry!

stef posted Apr 11 '17, 09:29:

Something interesting: alsa to jack bridge
i have not managed to make it work, but i have been trying hard ;-)


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