pyaudio setup question

LamptonWorm posted Jul 13 '15, 00:51:


Great project! For setting it up manually, do you have any instructions for getting pyaudio working, as with the stock raspbian and default pyaudio install the callback doesn't work, I think you need to add a few modules and recompile pyaudio to get that going, any ideas?

Ps. any idea what latency to expect at low polyphony and low sample rates on a Rasp A+?


joseph posted Jul 16 '15, 14:07:

Hi @LW, you're totally right: doing apt-get install pyaudio on Raspbian (Wheezy version) will install an outdated version of pyaudio (which doesn't support callback).

So you have to another way, see here :

sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get -y install python-dev python-numpy cython python-smbus portaudio19-dev
git clone ; cd rtmidi-python ; sudo python install ; cd .. 
git clone ; cd pyaudio ; sudo python install ; cd ..
LamptonWorm posted Jul 17 '15, 15:24:

Thanks - very useful. I had got it working through trial and error, but nice to have the compact/repeatable instructions. I had it running on A+ by the way which is pretty cool.



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