Total Performance Time - 30 minutes?

Nathan posted Apr 20 '17, 07:11:

Hi everyone. I've been playing with samplerbox and when using a velocity layered library at about 200meg, the performance time is about ~30 minutes. Around 20+ minutes artifacts begin of static pops, delayed note triggers, and cutting off of samples, eventually to the point of unplayable. Anyone else experiencing this? What is the longest non stop performance time you have got out of it? Post below your times and hardware.

Raspberry PI 3 Model B A1.2GHz 64-bit quad-core ARMv8 CPU, 1GB RAM
SamplerBox Image with SamplerBox2 from Erik -
Gikfun 5V USB Powered PCM2704 DAC Sound Card
USB to Midi Mio brand cable
150mg to 250mg home made velocity layered sample library
16 gig mini-sd

AlexM posted Apr 21 '17, 07:40:

Strange behaviour! Have you tried a combination of things? eg different sample sets, different audio interface etc?

I've had mine running overnight before - played it in the morning and all was fine!

Jure posted Apr 21 '17, 10:32:

could be the number of notes played? will try with my drums to see if it ever happens.

Jure Matoh posted May 3 '17, 19:43:

no, doesn't happen to me. tested for 2+ hours, working fine.

AlexM posted May 4 '17, 17:23:

@Nathan - try lowering MAX_POLYPHONY to something like 20 in your script. I encountered a memory leak issue which shares the same symptoms as your problem


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