Drum pad trigger

Al Mak posted Apr 26 '17, 22:39:

I've got everything setup and working nicely with my custom patches and an m-audio trigger finger pro, but I'd like to set it up so that it plays the wav files to the end even if I release the pad. Is this an easy thing to do?

Thanks in advance.

Michiel posted Apr 28 '17, 11:19:

I want this too! I wish to use soundbox as a live drum machine with pads. So samples need to play through to the end. Also: there need to be cut off groups (for example: open and closed hi hat). Nice to have would be that there is a way to add small pitch/velocity/filter variation, to prevent the machinegun effect on flams and rolls.

HansEhv posted Apr 30 '17, 00:35:

For drum you can consider to just ignore the note-off signal in the midi-callback procedure. This will give a memory leak, but this is mitigated by the MAX-POLYPHONY parameter so it should not hurt.
Never done this myself, by you can give it a try (not sure wheter it cuts of the oldest notes...).
Otherwise have a look http://www.samplerbox.org/forum/241
This build was originally intended just for this purpose.
Pick out what you need :-)


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