Is it possible to boot the OS

Ayskura posted May 12 '17, 12:32:

Is it possible to boot the OS from the Samplerbox image? I mean like I have Samplerbox installed and use it, but I'd like as well to be able to boot to a standard OS to edit the sample set and record in an audio editor (Audacity? do you know alternatives to Audacity?)
then just reboot directly into the samplerbox image.

Does it make sense?

Basically I'd like to have the standard Samplerbox headless startup but the possibility of booting to the "normal" OS when needed to edit files / record adding keyboard/mouse and monitor.

Thank you

Ayskura posted Jun 10 '17, 15:01:

I reform my question: I downloaded SamplerBox and it's awesome. Now I would like an option to boot to an audio editor (mhWaveEdit or Audacity) When I need to edit samples ideally having a box with samplerbox and when I need to Sample and Edit I would add Keyboard and Screen and can modify my soundsets... Is there an audio editor I can install on the SamplerBox Image or do I need to install Raspian and Install SamplerBox Manually?I don't need the OS Desktop just an audio editor which I am happy to boot from terminal when I need...

Thank you

erikr posted Jun 10 '17, 20:35:

I would just try running the python script on a full version of the Raspberry Pi OS.

  1. Put the files, samplerbox_audio.pyx and in a directory.
  2. Run: python build_ext --inplace
  3. Then run: python

Get the files from the github repo:

Caveat: Haven't tried this myself. Might need some additional setup and configuration.

Ayskura posted Jun 12 '17, 03:23:

but then how coul dI configure it to boot samplerbox directly without the OS and then just when I need to edit audio files I would like to boot the OS (or better just an audio editor as mhWaveEdit)

Harvey tillman posted Jun 12 '17, 16:16:

Why don't you just use another micro sd memory card with raspbian to boot from and attach a USB micro Sd card reader with your samples to be edited?

ayskura posted Jun 12 '17, 16:49:

because it's less elegant and this way I could have the Raspberry pi inside my keyboard without having to swap micro SD... which to access I need to physically have access to the PI...I think it shouldn't be too difficult to have no?

Ayskura posted Jun 24 '17, 11:37:

anyone have an idea?

Simon Blakely posted Jun 27 '17, 01:10:


I just set up my Pi with a full Raspberian install, install Samplerbox and add a script into /etc/rc.local to launch Samplerbox (with appropriate configuration) to start it automatically.
It runs happily headless for playing, but if I need to access the desktop, I plug in the monitor/keyboard/mouse, and there it is.


Ayskura posted Jul 21 '17, 11:22:

thank you Simon!

aamm posted Jun 8 '18, 11:58:

I did what simon suggested here. editing the code to the right path and it works perfectly fine!! I am running a full version of Raspbian that autoruns samplerbox on boot. thanks.

Here is what I wrote on the rc.local file, following the instructions on this tutorial (

cd /home/pi/SamplerBox ; sudo python build_ext --inplace


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