SamplerBox not working

Niklas posted May 22 '17, 17:38:

Hi everybody

Revived my samplerbox last week but I can't get it to work. I've attached it to my raspberry pi 3 and inserted a sd-card with the latest ISO imaged burned. I've formatted a usb stick with FAT32 and added the free sample sets.

When I turn on the power the lcd screen lights up but nothing else happens, it doesn't load the samples from the stick and no internal sounds can be played (from what I've read samplerbox comes with some "on board" sounds, right?)

What am I missing?

AlexM posted May 22 '17, 17:44:

I've seen this happen when an inadequate power supply is being used.

Are you using the ISO image from the website? Or the one you (hopefully) received in an email?

Niklas posted May 22 '17, 17:47:

the one from the website, I'll check my mail. The power supply says: output DC5V 2.4A

AlexM posted May 22 '17, 17:50:

Ah yes, you'll need to use the new one which is not available on the website (will be available very soon!)

Your power supply is perfect :)

Niklas posted May 22 '17, 17:59:

ok, thanks for the help!

AlexM posted May 22 '17, 18:09:

Just sent you an email to help you out further

Niklas posted May 23 '17, 08:40:

Thanks! Now it works perfectly.

Markham posted May 26 '17, 01:45:


I too am attempting to set up a Samplerbox and am having the same problem with the ISO image from the website. Is it possible to somehow obtain the ISO which matches your beautifully written manual?

Thank you

AlexM posted May 26 '17, 02:16:

Sure - email me at [email protected]

To anyone else interested, we'll be making this new version public soon! :) Just ironing out some kinks

Alistair posted Jun 25 '17, 04:39:

Any change that you could post the fix to the above problem so we can all benefit from the fix?

AlexM posted Jun 26 '17, 13:17:

@Alistair - this is specific to the small batch of SamplerBox beta hardware that we (very quietly) sold a couple of months ago. I feel posting fixes specific to it might cause some confusion for users without the beta hardware.


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