PCB SD card reader Question

Sven posted Jul 15 '15, 15:07:

Hi !
Before i buy an PCB SD card reader...
Do I have to solder an USB cable to the PCB SD card reader ?
Or can I also use a standard USB SD Card Reader ?

Richard posted Jul 15 '15, 21:55:

I don't know why Joseph's instructions show a picture of that particular USB PCB Card Reader when the reality is that any USB Memory stick plugged into a USB port on the Pi (or a Hub) will do perfectly well.

I bought one of those USB 2.0 readers as detailed in Joseph's instructions (and waited for it to arrive from Pollin in Germany) only to find it really wasn't necessary. Plus I have no idea how to make up a 4-Pin Molex to USB 2.0 cable!!


Sven posted Jul 16 '15, 06:19:

Hi Richard !
Thanks for the Info !
So i can try my Idea with an micro SD Card USB Adapter. THX !! I will post my solution if it works ! Grüsse aus HH :-) Sven

Martin posted Jul 16 '15, 12:50:

I just use a USB memory stick.

joseph posted Jul 16 '15, 14:03:

Hi there,

Short answer: any USB stick or any USB SD reader will work.

I should give more explanations about this USB SD reader, and why this one. I chose that model because I wanted an USB SD reader that is a PCB, that I can screw inside this box.
And this one was cheap (~1 or 2€) and worked well.

But you're right I should give additional informations on the site!

Sven posted Jul 16 '15, 21:00:

Hi joseph,
so now it is clear! Thanks for the clarification!


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