Octave + Latency Problems

Dominik posted May 28 '17, 20:16:

Hi there,
just got an RPi3. it is hooked up to an 88key stagepiano and i want to use it soley as a practicing device. I got it up and running, yet i encountered some problems. The latency is relatively high - not a dealbreaker but would there be a way to reduce it a little bit? the main problem is though, that that everything plays an octave too high, meaning the lowest octave doesnt work, but then everything plays normal, starting with the lowest note, so the whole keyboard is pitched up an octave. Sometimes i hear some "ghost notes" i didnt play as well. Is that normal?
i would love to help myself and tweak around, yet i have 0 experience with RPi's and don't know where to start. Is there a list of the commands i can use to change the settings in this "samplerbox.py" file? and how can i access it?
Thanks in advance so far,
i'd really appreciate any kind of help!


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