Sampler box video support?

HalfordC posted Jun 19 '17, 02:45:

I was gear browsing the other day, and saw the Roland p10. It's basically an SP-404 style sampler that plays video.
I was wondering if something like that would be possible with the samplebox code? (Or part of it?) Just curious if there is a viable way to trigger video clips over midi with a raspberry pi. Thanks!

john posted Jun 30 '17, 17:36:

It's easy to add a HDMI screen to RPi, or the Foundation touch screen display, or small tft's run from SPI, for example. Check the RPi foundation sub forums for tons of info.

HDMI & the Foundation screen are controlled via the GPU so virtually no extra load on RPi's CPU, thus no impact on your midi. There's a Raspbian video player called omxplayer which works great.

Running a screen wouldn't involve samplerbox code (directly) so for example , you could add a screen now to your RPi, & store your own videos on the sampler SD card for playing back.

The promo video shows p10 controlled from the switches on the box, so unclear if they are using midi codes, or more likely, direct control.

There's no video input on RPi, so recording would need an external usb video capture device, plugged into RPi.

The p10 is discontinued. I wonder why...


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