request - expanded description of what USB midi devices can control Samplerbox

em-crab posted Jun 26 '17, 00:18:

/howdy, i have a quneo and several launchpads, but no other midi keyboard, and not yet the means to hook up an old school midi port.

either the former options don't work with Samplerbox, or i have done something wrong. i am suspecting the former, even though Raspi's dialog gives some promisingly accurate details upon being plugged in

i'm going to borrow another midi keybaord from a pal but would like this info to be published online - is it class compliance that samplerbox needs, etc?

ideal FR - midi over ethernet ala ipmidi that way i could just patch this into my existing system

em-crab posted Jun 26 '17, 00:21:

other possibility is that the 1st 16 midi notes from the quneo pads don't correspond to any assignments on the grand piano patch i downlaoded from the samplerbox library (thanks for that btw)

so FR, as well, for a midi log readout of incoming midi data in the terminal display. would help us know what's going on.


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