Grand piano sound?

junbsd posted Jul 17 '15, 06:43:

Please hear sound "1 Grand Piano" in the instrument.
Not a real piano sound.
need a DAC?

remi posted Jul 17 '15, 15:18:

Yes, unfortunately it is unusable without a DAC.

joseph posted Jul 18 '15, 14:59:

@junbsd, yes you definetely need a USB DAC or USB soundcard.

Lalo posted Jan 26 '16, 17:24:

I know that it is an old post but i think that can be useful for others

Hi, i try to tell us my experience with this, the raspi 2 (and b) have an video-audio mixed output and the pins are not in common setup, if you can buy a 4 pin 3.5mm plug and solder cables on right setup, it can get a better audio quality, the pins are from the bottom to the tip: sleeve - Video, Ring 1 - Ground, Ring 2 Left and tip - Right.


JPG posted Jan 28 '16, 00:39:

Thanks for this tip but where is the video-audio mixed output on the raspi 2?
Is it the hdmi output?
What do you mean by "the pins are not in common setup"? (English is not my main langage)


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