MIDI DIN wiring

Jakob posted Jul 11 '17, 17:49:

Hi again.
Could anybody help with closer instructions as to MIDI DIN wiring, pinout etc?

Tankfull for any help,

em-crab posted Jul 13 '17, 17:16:

i followed the tutorial and unless my ic was upside down (it's not super clear in the MS paint picture) it didn't work...triple checked my work as well. raspi 2 b

Jakob posted Jul 16 '17, 12:50:

Mine neither. I'm concerned about the midi pinout as well. I suppose it should be pin 4 & 5, but idk. I'm certain my IC isn't upside down.

Berry posted Jul 17 '17, 16:11:

Have a look at this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GxfHijjn0ZM
If you have an arduino, I found it much easier to test the circuit on that.


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