Successful startup, then crash :(

Dave posted Jul 28 '17, 16:53:


I couldn't get the image version working on my Pi Zero, so I built from scratch and now have it starting with cron at boot time. It's slower than the prebuilt image, but it works fine ... for about a minute. Then the pi crashes. I have to cut the power and start it again.

My suspicion is that the pi zero is overheating, but I'm not sure why - has anybody else had a problem like that? The MIDI controller is a very very old one with a DIN output - it's not drawing power from the pi zero. There is a 3rd party DIN-USB cable that may be drawing power. And I also have the recommended $3 usb sound card.

Any pointers? Any thoughts on where to start?


PS I LOVE this. Brilliant project. My undying love to you.


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