Sound only coming from hdmi

Joseph posted Aug 8 '17, 19:39:

Hi, my name is Joseph and I am very much a noob to raspiberry pi, trying to get my hands on this awesome product.

Well, things seem to be mostly working for me from the iso on the build it page. It recognizes my USB midi keyboard. I can play notes. But I cannot get any sound from the onboard jack or the USB dac. I only discovered that my success when I plugged the unit into my tv via hdmi to see if it was even booting properly, and heard a faint sound coming from what seemed to be outside my earbuds. Lo and behold, audio coming from the tv.

Anyone encounter this? Is there a straightforward fix?

Joseph posted Aug 8 '17, 19:40:

I should have noted- it's s raspberry pi b+, dac just like on the build it page.

Joseph posted Aug 23 '17, 16:16:

Found the answer, here in case anyone else is looking-

It seems to default to whatever is plugged in at startup. If hdmi is plugged in, it cuts out the USB and audio jack. With headphones in the jack at startup all went fine.


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