Velocity Control

Reza Yazdi posted Sep 9 '17, 05:25:

My MIDI keyboard send 8 different velocity values 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105 and 120.

Is there any way to play one wav file with different level of amplification based on the velocity?
Or shall I just create 8 different 8 wav files and use the definition.txt file to play them?

Thanks for your help

H3rv3 posted Sep 15 '17, 14:00:

If you put %%velmode=VELACCURATE in your definition.txt file, it will calculate the volume adjustment by itself. I found that I should not have spaces or line return in the file, otherwise it does not load.
Alternatively, you can change the value velocity_mode = VELACCURATE in but that affects everything.

Both are for Hans version. I am not sure if that can be done for Joseph's.

H3rv3 posted Sep 15 '17, 17:03:


Sorry, wrong info, use
and on a separate line.

Reza Yazdi posted Sep 17 '17, 03:16:

Thanks for the feedback
What is Han's version?
What's the difference between that and Joseph's?


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