SamplerBox crowdfunding campaign!

SamplerBox posted Sep 19 '17, 16:31:

Hey friends!

Many of you have been asking when the next batch of SamplerBox PCBs will be available and we're pleased to announce: soon! Joseph, Pavel and AlexM have been quietly working on a Raspberry Pi hat that you can purchase without having to get your hands dirty with soldering irons and tiny electronics components, and just get to making music quicker and easier! In fact earlier this year we successfully manufactured and shipped a small batch of beta units to some very happy enthusiasts.

PCB manufacturing and assembly is a costly process, so we're going to need your help. We'll be launching a crowdfunding campaign soon where you'll be able to pre-order a SamplerBox PCB, or just contribute some money because you love SamplerBox ;)

Sign up to the mailing list so we can let you know when the campaign is about to kick off, or keep an eye on the forum, or the SamplerBox Facebook page.

SamplerBox Features

  • Enclosure
  • Rechargeable 18650 battery holder
  • In-built loudspeaker
  • 16x2 LCD screen
  • High-end audio chip (PCM5122 112db SNR DAC)
  • Stereo main output (3.5mm) + headphone output (3.5mm)
  • Volume control knob
  • 4x program change and menu buttons
  • MIDI IN and THRU ports

There are also many, many new software features in the latest ISO on the website, with comprehensive documentation available over at ReadTheDocs.


Here's a neat little video that Alex made featuring the SamplerBox PCB beta (missing enclosure, in-built battery, and speaker).

Play setup demo video

Fire away any questions you have about the PCB below!

Martin posted Sep 19 '17, 20:57:

Great! I wish you guys a great success!

One question about the DAC: is it I2S driven or via USB?

Following this explanation I2S is the most suitable to audio because it's the most straightforward

AlexM posted Sep 20 '17, 04:10:

@Martin - the DAC is indeed I2S. Everything is on our PCB and connected via GPIO. The only things connected via USB will be your USB stick (unless you place samples on the SD card) and MIDI device (unless using MIDI DIN). Much more here:

Cyril posted Sep 20 '17, 09:46:

Could you update the "make it" section with this new setup with i2s dac and volume knob ?


SamplerBox posted Dec 13 '17, 01:39:

Hey gang!

We're getting close to completing our second SamplerBox RPi hat prototype, which means a crowdfunder won't be far behind! Make sure you follow us on Facebook and sign up to the mailing list so that you don't miss out important news. We'll keep the forum up to date with our progress, but there's nothing like receiving these updates straight to your inbox ;)

Paul Morris posted Jul 17 '19, 18:43:

Hey what’s the deal? Is this project dead?

HansEhv posted Jul 20 '19, 02:18:

The primary branch seems to take a little rest.
However my alternative fork is alive: , last update in november 2018.
I expect to release a new build = SD-image within a month or two.
Ofcourse Github is ahead of november, but that requires some extra actions to get it work.
To be clear: the hardware mentioned above is NOT part of it.

Adam posted Aug 22 '19, 12:38:


Will the LCD used in this project work with the normal sd image or only with your board?


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