PC editor development

AlexM posted Sep 25 '17, 10:59:

I've been thinking about developing a PC editor for Mac/Windows. As we add more options to the definition.txt file, it's fast become more of a hurdle for some users. I'd love to make this easier for everyone (when I have the time!).

Would you guys be interested in this? What features would you like to see?

Has anyone had experience with packages or tools like PyQt, PySide, Qt Designer, Kivy etc? I had a quick look at Qt Designer - looks pretty neat!

gmeader posted Sep 28 '17, 06:40:

How about a tiny webserver running inside the samplerbox that runs a page with a form that edits the definition.txt file. This is how Zynthian (another RaspberryPi synth box) configuration works.

Glenn posted Oct 3 '17, 00:44:

You can create a simple webserver in Python with only a few lines of code. Could manage all the sample media files. Can even handle uploading files.

AlexM posted Oct 5 '17, 07:56:

Good idea guys! The web server did cross my mind, and in fact it would be a lot easier to develop and more accessible (mobile, win, mac etc). This way we can upload direct to a read-only /samples/ partition on the SD card - although many advise against this, but that's another discussion ;)


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