Contributing code for features to Samplerbox on GitHub?

Glenn posted Oct 3 '17, 01:07:

I'd like to make some pull requests to add features to Samplerbox.

It seems like pull requests are not being processed on GITHUB josephearnest/SamplerBox. Also this repo does not contain all the new features contributed by others such as Alex, Hans, Erik, etc.

Is there a fork (Samplerbox2, other) that is being actively worked on that already contains all the cool new features and is managed so that people can contribute code?

Is this one good? Alex's:

or how about the code on

HansEhv posted Oct 4 '17, 13:29:

Hi Glenn,
Erik (nickyspride / samplerbox2) is not active anymore. His work is included in Alex's (see above) and partly in my build ( I've started using gitbhub:
Both are actively worked on. Most of my work is and most likely will be included in Alex's build.
This the most feature rich fork I'm aware of.

HansEhv posted Oct 4 '17, 13:31:

This = Alex's build

AlexM posted Oct 5 '17, 08:04:

Hey Glenn,
Yep, my fork is (to my knowledge) the most feature-rich version out there. In fact it's the img you download from the site. I spent a good few months merging features from Hans and Erik, as well as developing a menu system for a 16x2 LCD display. I'd love to see some pull request notifications! :)

The repo (as you already know)

Some (work-in-progress) documentation

Glenn posted Oct 5 '17, 22:42:

Thanks Alex. I will clone the repo on my Pi3 and see if i can get it working, then see what I can contribute.

I have a small color touchscreen display (with buttons) in a neat tiny case that will make a nice Samplerbox package.

My intention is to display what's happening with Samplerbox on the touchscreen - perhaps using your GUI routines as a start, or taking the info being displayed to the character LCD and rendering that onto the small color touchscreen instead - directly to the framebuffer, not through X11.


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