Arturia MiniLab found but immediately disconnects

Goon posted Oct 4 '17, 08:23:

Hi! I love this project and it would fit my needs perfectly. I'm having some issues though:

I have one of the first Raspberry Pis, managed to get SamplerBox up and running but my Arturia MiniLab is not playing nice with the setup. I connected the Pi to my TV via HDMI to see what's going on, and it seems like the Arturia is recognized, then immediately disconnected, recognized again, disconnected etc. It cycles really quickly until finally it crashes with an error message.

Do you think this is due to faulty hardware (the keyboard) or is this something I might be able to force through some settings? I tried different usb ports but it made no difference. I'll probably try it with different keys when I get the chance. Also might consider upgrading to a Pi 3 if that helps. The Arturia works fine on pc, so the issue is somewhere else. I'm using an old Nokia charger so there should be enough power.

I'll report back if I get it working on my own.


HansEhv posted Oct 4 '17, 09:48:

Hi Goon,
Looks like a power issue. Make sure to use a 2 Amp adapter.
Also take a look on the bottom remark of the build tab on
It links to useful info on power for older pi's.
Maybe it helps

Glenn posted Oct 20 '17, 02:02:

I have an Arturia MiniLab MkII connected to my RaspberryPi 2 running SamplerBox.
It works fine.
I used some Linux commands to test it initially:

amidi -l (shows the connected MIDI devices/ports)

amidi -d -p <port> (displays received midi commands)

Here's some more great info on Linux MIDI:


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