Can't fint config.ini

GabbeGubbe posted Oct 5 '17, 08:10:


I'm trying to connect a Display-o-tron 3000 to my samplerbox and need to reach the config.ini file which is supposed to be on the boot-partition.

I can't find any folder named samplebox on the boot partition. Am I doing something wrong?

AlexM posted Oct 5 '17, 08:40:

Firstly are you using the latest image from the website?

Also it's likely you'll need to do some extra hacking in order for your Display-o-tron to work. Currently SamplerBox only supports 16x2 LCD displays.

GabbeGubbe posted Oct 5 '17, 23:32:

Found it. Had to use the 2017-05-17 build which included it.
The 2017-07-17 doesn't include that folder.

AlexM posted Oct 6 '17, 06:18:

My mistake! The one on the website is indeed the simpler build. We'll be updating the website soon to distinguish between these two versions. For anyone else looking, the 2017-05-17 build can be downloaded here


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