Stuck on login prompt :(

mentat posted Jun 15 '19, 05:33:

I flashed the iso to a 16gb sd card using etcher and then enter root/root on login. Then when i try to follow the install instructions which say to run sudo apt-get update, i get --bash: sudo: command not found. Im new to this stuff and havent been able to find a solution anywhere

HansEhv posted Jun 16 '19, 21:27:

You are root already so no need for sudo.
And as samplerbox is a (stripped) single user system (making sudo not needed) it's not even installed.
Also apt-get update is usually not needed on the samplerbox image.
What kind of install instructions are you following?

mentat posted Jun 17 '19, 22:25:

I realize now that i was trying to follow the manual install instructions which i probably dont need since i have samplerbox flashed to my sd card already :P

Still it doesnt seem to be starting up correctly. Im just loading into a command prompt asking me to enter my root/root login and then nothing after that. Ive tried to plug my Midi keyboard in and play some keys but nothing happened there. Is there any further set up i need to go thru or should i be able to play right after boot?

gmeader posted Jun 19 '19, 02:11:

The image you flashed onto the SDcard automatically starts up the sampler box program. However you can't see it running, because it is running in background.
To see what's happening, you need to stop the sampler box program and then start it again by giving a command. Then it will display all kinds of debugging info detailing what it is doing. That will help you to see what might be wrong.

The actual program is at /root/SamplerBox/

Here's how to kill off the running SamplerBox program and manually restart it:
sudo killall python
cd SamplerBox

mentat posted Jun 30 '19, 19:39:

got it to work!! Not sure what the issue was but i reformatted the sdcard i was using, reflashed the image and got some nice sounds right after signing in. now i just need to figure out how to edit parameters and load some other samples on to here :)


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