Switch Supplier UK

Jerome posted Jul 27 '15, 00:37:


This project looks amazing. It's something I've always wanted, a way to play samples away from the computer in a way that isn't greatly over-specced for my needs.

I am not much of a builder but have managed to find everything I need except for the switches which I am not sure about. Can anyone point me to the correct ones which I can buy in the UK?


Ironframe posted Aug 3 '15, 22:03:

Farnell.com have these switches at £4.66 each for a single unit though when searching for the named switch as <Digitast> I can see links to a 2-gang unit but clicking through the link never ever finds what you're looking for. They're available with a LED too, green or red etc. but again I can't find the 2-gang unit. Frustrating or what!

Here's a link for you to get started.




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