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JM1855 posted Nov 22 '17, 08:02:

Hi I've email samplerbox team but maybe community can help me.

I've made a fresh clean install or samplerbox (iso from website) and connected an m-audio keystation 88.
It works but volume knob pitch and bend aren't working (program +/-) are working.

I've read here and there that it can work (on Hans website and confirm on the forum by AlexM).
I'd just like a little help to make it work.Thanks.

HansEhv posted Nov 26 '17, 01:44:

Hi JM. The ISO on the website is the basic one without these features.
You can use Alex's or mine to make it work. Alex's is more userfriendly, see https://samplerbox.readthedocs.io/en/latest/. You already found mine :-)

JM1855 posted Nov 28 '17, 14:59:

Thanks Hans.
I've install Alex's iso and it's now working perfectaly !
I can control everything with the built-in m-audio control buttons.

I'm a bit disappointed with the grandPiano sample which sound very bad (low and noisy) compared to orther sample. I've order a DAC maybe that will help, but I think it's something about the ram of my Rpi2 which is a bit weak to run this big sample (more than a gig...).

Thanks a lot for the work on samplerbox. As seen with Alex I'll share you some picts of my project using samplerbox in a few months. :)


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