Any news on making another batch?

hitmaneac posted Nov 29 '17, 11:04:

I sort of gave up on my DIY project because the build instructions here are not up to date with the newer image. Now I'd just like to get the shield and have that done with. Also, I can create a 3d printable box when I have the shield in my hands, so if you're interested let me know, I will certainly make one for myself. You know, sharing is caring :)

AlexM posted Nov 30 '17, 01:53:

There will be another batch in the coming months. A couple of us are currently developing the next shield prototype, so when we're happy with it we'll start a crowdfunding campaign so we can afford to do a larger batch - then everyone can have one! :)

We're also developing an acrylic case that we intend to ship with the shield.

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