Impossible to tell current Patch Can't load USB

rainless posted Dec 8 '17, 05:06:

So I just started using samplebox. I'm using just the Raspberry Pi 3. Normally if I do "systemctl status samplerbox" it will show me the current instrument and any program change messages, but right now it's just saying "Journal has been rotated. Log data incomplete or unavailable.

I have an SD card attached to a reader (because my sandisk cruzer wasn't working) it plays the saw but it's not taking any program pages even though it was working a couple of boots ago.

It never actually played the samples. (I have the Grand Piano from the website on the drive.)


rainless posted Dec 9 '17, 09:16:

Well on my original 2gb sdcard it still doesn't display the current preset, but I was able to get samples to load by switching USB sticks and just leaving the samples on the root of the drive. I use the Novation Circuit to send Program Change by changing the synth (0-63) Next step? Creating buttons for SamplerBox!


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