RTS5158 Card Reader lead

Ironframe posted Jul 27 '15, 19:38:

I purchased the card reader from Pollin and it comes with a flying lead already on BUT what is the type of connector on the free end?? It would be nice if it was a USB plug to go into one of the Pi's sockets but since they're external that wouldn't work. Since there are 4 one could have a lead coming out from inside the box to use one.. Looks a bit ill-thought out that way though. I checked out the Molex site and there are hundreds of everything there but nothing looks right (unless I'm missing an obvious description name).

I would really like to mount the Pi right up to the inside edge of a box on the two useful sides (with all sockets etc.) to be able to make best use of them. Any ideas on the cable issue?

Ironframe posted Jul 30 '15, 23:06:

The 4 wires out are correctly colour-coded for the USB and the underside of the Pi has (perhaps) enough spikes to solder onto with care and patience but what about getting the wires underneath? Also how could one mount the reader so the port is accessible from externally on the case..


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