MIDI In --> Notes are received but wrong parameters?

Daniel posted Dec 28 '17, 14:30:


i'm new in python/Raspberry and want to start with creating a MIDI in.
I've followed the instructions of this pages:


I've connected an arduino board which has a midi out and sends the note 38 on channel 1 with various velocities. The Midi out is tested and works perfectly).

But when i run the Script from the samplerbox page (http://samplerbox.org/article/midiinwithrpi) i get always "program change" instead of note on / note off.

Note value is always "23", messagechannel is always "15" and velocity is always 0.
messagetype is always "12".

Does somebody have an idea / tip what could be wrong?

When i connect the Arduinos MIDI Out to a windows Midi analyzing tool i get the correct values (Channel 1, Note on and Note off).

Every help is appreciated.

Best regards



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