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Roel van de Laar posted Dec 30 '17, 13:52:

Last week I builded a samplerbox and it's working fine from my usb keyboard. I made some samplesets and they also work fine. But when I try to play them from my midisequencer a lot of notes won't play. Just the first, and after some time a new note is played. I think it's because my sequencer doesn't send note off comands, but (note on/velocity 0), instead. But that should be the midi standard. I tried different %%modes without any luck.
Any help would be appreciated!

Roel van de Laar posted Dec 30 '17, 21:53:

I found this solution by Pavel:

but I'm using this version:

and there's no file to edit. So how to adept the solution for this version?!

Roel van de Laar posted Dec 31 '17, 15:24:

Ok, I found out how I can edit with SSH. But when I paste this piece of code into it:
samplerbox freezes during start up. I'm just trying all kind of things without succes. I hope someone can point me in the right direction to fix this. Thanx in advance!

HansEhv posted Dec 31 '17, 18:22:

Hi Roel,
Alex's version (the one you are using) does recognize note-on/velocity=0 as note-off.
It also has running status already fixed in it's serial midi input procedure, so Pavel's fix is not necessary anymore.
By putting this code into the script, you create another instance trying to get hold of the input. This explains the freeze.
Mind that Alex's version has it's script spread over several modules (more scripts than just the
I cannot help you further debugging as I am using another version.

Roel van de Laar posted Jan 1 '18, 15:19:

Hi Hans,

Thank you very much for your answer. Really nice to get some feedback. And although you can't help me further, you already helped me a lot. According to your answer there probably is something else wrong. I'll look into it.

Which version are you using and why did you choose it? '
I'm a bit confused by the different SamplerBox versions, I thought the one I'm using is the most complete/advanced version, but I'm not sure?!
I would like to know the differences between versions.


HansEhv posted Jan 2 '18, 23:53:

Hi Roel,
You're welcome :-)
I'm using my own version: and
Reason because it's build to my preferences (obviously...).

Differences between builds I am aware of:
Joseph's (the forum we're on) contains the basic start.
I started a fork because I needed other playmodes than "just the keyboard" and gradually started adding more features (still actively buidling). Free to use, but build for my own use, you have to tune it yourself to your configuration.
Erik (nickyspride / samplerbox2) is not active anymore. His work is included in Alex's (see above) and partly in my build, in fact he based it on mine.
Alex ( usually combines the various features, adds his own and makes the whole thing more friendly.
So that's the one I'd recommend (but you're using it already), especially as he also works in the group making the hardware product. We sometimes have contact to exchange interesting features and to avoid inventing the wheel twice ;-)
Cheers, Hans

Roel van de Laar posted Jan 3 '18, 23:06:

Hi Hans,

Thanks again for your answer. The different builds are clear to me now. (it seems they already were but it's confirmed now, and that feels nice :-))

In the meantime I did some tests with MIDIOX, midi input monitor, and Ableton Live

When I connect my sequencer directly to samplerbox, I get this weird behaviour like described before. When I run my sequencer through DAW Ableton Live, just in and straight out again into the samplerbox, it works perfectly. (I have an USB to 5 midi serial in- and outputs thing)

If I run these signals into MIDIOX input monitor, the difference is like I expected. Straight from the sequencer a note-off is a note-on velocity 0 (90,00), same signal through Ableton a note-off is a note-off (80,40)

So to me it seems I still have issues with note-offs and/or running status. I'm using the image (2017-05-17) from the website and not the github as I don't know how to handle that. But as you have a different version I won't bother you anymore and I'll check Alex.

Thanks again!


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