Sample length limits?

CLos posted Jan 24 '18, 02:06:

How Long can each sample be? and is there a limit to total samples time?
Also is a musical phrase (like a beat pattern) is loaded into a key, and a different beat is loaded onto another key, will playing from one key to the next sync beats automatically? if not has anyone an idea how to do this?

Ted posted Feb 1 '18, 15:01:

It depends mostly on the pi you have (amount of RAM), and how many midi notes you want to play at the same time.

No, there isn't anything as sophisticated as beat syncing between loops. Some forks have a chord player, but I think thats about it. (no arp) I would want something with an actual gui, if I needed this kind of real time work, lining up bars, etc.

Gust posted May 4 '18, 15:43:

Hello, I have a problem with Samplerbox. I have add some wav-songs as a sample with a midinote. Some are played fine, but others will not be played, when I press this note. Via SSH, I can start every song, so a problem in the wav-file isn't happend. Is there a limitation? Is the used RAM set in the config-file?


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