piSound soundcard

effebal posted Jan 24 '18, 10:27:

Just for sharing with the samplerbox community.
Googling on the internet I've found this interesting soundcard https://blokas.io/
What is interesting is the SPI IO & OUT midi interface and the 192khz 24bit 6.35mm audio jack for input-output sampling (with gain controls).

Someone in their forum has succesfully built samplerbox:

I've no relations with this project, but it looks a very good solution for musicians. The only missing part is the display, but it could be possible to add this feature using the extension header.

Rajiv Deo posted Jan 27 '18, 16:59:

Cost of PiSound is too high 99 Euro. DIY options are far cheaper.

Ted posted Feb 1 '18, 14:50:

Yeah... I feel like the specs on the dac are a bit overkill, using 192khz 24bit samples would get you either really large latency or audio glitches with anything more than three or four samples, esp. if its stereo.

The SPI - MIDI interface part is really interesting though, I agree. I feel like it would save the pi CPU from the bulk of the Irq's, wish they'd developed separate midi and audio ifaces.


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