No config.ini?

Davide posted Jan 25 '18, 11:16:

Hello everyone, is it normal that I don't have a /boot/samplerbox folder, let alone the config.ini that is supposed to be in it?
Thank you!

Ted posted Feb 1 '18, 14:54:

I think you might be referring to one of the forks, possibly

They do seem to be under active development, but the additional features it adds would make it a strain to run on anything other than a pi 3.

ned posted Mar 12 '18, 11:05:

I used the .img from the samplerbox website, and copied to an SDcard using dd, and I also have an empty /boot..

HansEhv posted Mar 12 '18, 21:44:

It's not empty, it's just unmounted.
Alex has put the config file in a subdir on the boot partition to make it possible to edit it on another PC, so without having to logon to the PI - so you can tweak the setup on a windows machine without linux knowledge.
Other builds don't mount this partition; I also don't know whether he keeps it mounted all the time.


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