Samplerbox AND midi host?

Dario posted Jan 27 '18, 17:28:

Hi all, pardon my ignorance, I was wondering if using one of these samplerbox images will also allow me to use Pi as a usb MIDI host.

Ted posted Feb 1 '18, 14:41:

I think that's the whole point of those images... that you can plug in a USB MIDI keyboard into it, and it will act as a simple sampler, the host? Unless you meant the other way around? If you meant if its possible to have the pretend it's a USB MIDI keyboard, I wouldn't know where to start.. the USB controller on the pi is host only, and putting the serial midi onto packet switched usb just feels like it's a big headache. You could have the pi speak regular DIN-5 (3-pin) serial MIDI, and use a USB-MIDI cable? Those have an integrated circuit that handles all of the translation gruntwork between the protocols for you in hardware.

Dario posted Feb 11 '18, 00:31:

HI Ted, thanks. I guess I wasn't very clear with my question: I meant if I can connect a USB keyboard and use it to control samplerbox AND also to perhaps use it to play another instrument down the midi chain, basically having a MIDI THROUGH via the Raspberry Pi. I tried and it doesn't work, but I wonder if there's an easy tweak to the config file that could enable that...

hansehv posted Feb 11 '18, 01:43:

Hi Dario,
No this hasn't been implemented in any fork I'm aware of.
So tweaking the config is a useless effort :-)
In general using software through will cause delay in the midi communication.
Since samplerbox is python running on PI this could be noticeable (didn't check though)
It also means opening midi-outs (and handing over the data in the in midi-callback), which will affect the performance of the main function: playing samples, which is a drain of resources when playing fast (perhaps the midi call-back should be converted to pyx or even plain c++, the latter surely being at stake for the audio pyx).
I played with the idea though last year, but rejected it in my own fork as the cost is not in good relation with the benefit.
So I'm still in the hardware for midi split/merge/through, the PI being an endpoint in one of the chains.
Open for good ideas though :-)

Dario posted Feb 11 '18, 03:42:

Thanks for least I won't go crazy figuring out the config :)

adeser posted Mar 6 '18, 08:30:

I really like the sampler box, I build it inside two old drum-machines. These days I'm trying to put up together an alternative to the Kenton USB midi host. I hooked up a OP-1 (USB receiver) and an Octatrack (chinese MIDI-USB cable) to a PI3 using ALSA (aconnect). It kind of works, but I thing the chinese cable skips some notes from the Octa. Other devices works better. I'll try using Joseph's py script instead and dump the chinese interface. I'm wander how I'll identify the midi device... would it be the kernel ID 0 device?

samplerboxname posted Sep 19 '18, 16:27:

Late comment but in case anyone comes here you could try a midi splitter like this:


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